Two deaths in a sad day for rap

Two prominent musicains have been found dead on both sides of the Atlantic on the same day.

In Surrey, Britain, David Emmanuel, better known to reggae and rap fans as Smiley Culture, died during a police raid on his home just a week before he was supposed to appear before magistrates on charges of conspiracy to supply cocaine. He was found with stab wounds which are speculated to be self-inflicted on Tuesday 15 March. (Ed. Emmanuel died of a single stab wound to the heart, the Idependent Police Complaints Commission is looking into the incident. 17/03/2011)

Smiley Culture was best known for his 1984 singles ‘Cockney Translation’ and ‘Police Officer’ and was a pioneer of the ‘fast chat’ style of Jamaican deejaying. He was 48.

The second was 41 year old Nathan Hale, better known to hip-hop fans as Nate Dogg, in Long Beach, California. It is unclear as yet what caused his death, though frequent collaberator, Warren G, alluded to health problems Nate Dogg suffered a few years back where he had a series of stokes which the rapper was still recieving physiotherapy for. (Ed. Nate’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, confirmed that he died from health complications caused by the strokes. 17/03/2011)

Nate Dogg worked with many estimed names in hip-hop including Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Dr. Dre, Tupac, RBX and Daz Dillinger, some of whom have posted their respects on various social media outlets.

Ludacris posted on Twitter: “There is a void in Hip Hop’s heart that can never be filled.”


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