Jospeh Gordon-Levitt Latest Signing For Dark Knight Rises

After starring in Christopher Nolan’s last film, Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been signed on to the cast for the new Batman movie; The Dark Knight Rises.

He could be playing the character Alberto Falcone, son of Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) from Batman Begins. In the comics Alberto Falcone becomes The Holiday Killer, who embarks on a killing spree of Gotham’s mobsters after his father’s death and the takeover by Sal Maroni. All the murders coincide with national holidays like Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

Other Inception cast member Tom Hardy will be joining Gordon-Levitt as the villain Bane, an unstoppable juggernaut fuelled by a drug called Venom which gives him incredible physical power. He is one of the only villains who has come close to killing Batman.

Also cast alongside regulars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman, reprieving their roles as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Alfred, Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox, respectively, is Anne Hathaway. She plays Selina Kyle, who becomes Catwoman in the comics. Whether or not she is going to be a villain or a friend to Batman remain to be seen, but either way she will more than likely be the main love interest in the new film.

The inclusion of Alfredo Falcone would give a unifying thread to the mobsters featured in the trilogy from the rise and fall of the Falcone family, through the succession of Maroni onto what could be the last Falcone taking back control of the Gotham underground. Strangely this mirrors Batman’s own rise and fall in popularity with the establishment and citizens of Gotham. The Falcone character also lends itself to the more realistic theme Nolan has set his trilogy in.

The film is due for a UK release on 20th July 2012.

(Ed. 22/03/2012) Forget all that you have just read, as it turns out that Gordon-Levitt is being considered for a part in the film but there is no official word on which character he will play. But other speculation includes The Riddler, Robin or Jean-Paul Valley, who replaces Bruce Wayne as Batman after Wayne is injured by Bane (which could work just as well as the Falcone character in Nolan’s trilogy).

Nolan has already ruled out Robin, The Riddler, Mr Freeze and The Penguin but, as with all things Nolan, who knows what the eventual outcome will be in his world of bluff and double-bluff. I’ll keep you updated.


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