Willie Nelson asked to sing his way out of jail

Country singer Willie Nelson has been asked to sing to a Texan judge to overturn his marijuana charge.

Nelson, 77, was caught with three to four ounces of marijuana  by police on his tour bus on 26 November 2010 in Hudspeth, Texas. He was released on bail after claiming it was for personal use. This amount qualifies as a Class B Misdemeanour and carries the penalty of a $2000 fine or 180 days behind bars.

But Hudspeth County District Attorney, Kit Bramblett, told Texan radio station WOAI: “I’m going to let him pay a small fine and recommend community service. I am going to say that Willie needs to sing Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.”

Bramblett said the song is Judge Becky Dean-Walker’s favourite song and Nelson could sing it to her in the courthouse in Sierra Blanca, West Texas. (Ed. Judge Becky Dean-Walker has stated since that the statement given by Kit Bramblett was intended as a joke, not to be taken seriously. Only in America! (7/7/11))


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