Frank Turner leaks own song

In a bold move Frank Turner posted ‘I Am Disappeared’ on his website yesterday without the full consent of his record label.

He wrote: “It’s one of the features of the way the music business works that there’s an agonizing time-lag, for a musician, between finishing a piece of work and unleashing it on the world.

Adding: ” It’s frustrating to be sitting here on a finished record without being able to play it to people.”

In the same post he put a link to his Facebook page where the cover art for forthcoming album, ‘England Keep Me Bones’, had been put up. The design is by Tom Lacey, singer with Ghost Of A Thousand, and will be released in a leather finish on the special edition. You can see the artwork while listening to the song below.

Signing off Turner wrote: “I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to do this. If not, well, fuck it. Publish and be damned!”

‘I Am Disappeared’ has all the hallmarks of a classic Frank Turner song; a quiet, mellow song building to a crescendo before the bridge and the final anthemic chorus. There are references to lost love and nods towards inspirational literary and musical figures. Surely it will be a fan favourite and if the album follows suit it’ll be yet another masterpiece to add to his back catalogue.


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