Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe charged


Mötley Crüe front man Vince Neil has been charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct, reports

Neil, who has recently been released from prison after serving a 10 day sentence for drink driving is alleged to have forced his way into a Hal Sparks (singer and guitarist with Zero 1) performance at a Las Vegas hotel on March 24 and poked three people with his right index finger, swearing as he did it.

According to court documents Neil’s former girlfriend Alicia Jacobs has said that Neil “forcefully poked in her right shoulder-blade.” These allegations could find him back behind bars if it proves to be in violation of his probation. 

Two friends of Jacob’s, John Katsilometes and Patricia McCrone, are listed in the court documents as the others who Neil is accused of hurting.

Neil has previously said he didn’t touch Jacobs and told TMZ in an interview that he is considering pressing separate charges of his own, as he alleges Jacobs scratched him during the incident. (Ed: How rock ‘n’ roll!)


One Response to “Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe charged”

  1. Jo Williams Says:

    The fat bastard.

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