Blink-182 postpone European tour dates

Californian pop punk revivalists Blink-182 have apologised to fans for having to postpone their European tour due to delays with their new album. The press release from the band’s official website reads:

“FROM MARK, TOM AND TRAVIS: It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce our planned 2011 European Summer tour has been rescheduled. When we booked the tour last year, we were confident that we would have the new album out before the Summer. Turns out we were mistaken as the album is taking longer than we thought and won’t be out till later this year. We hoped we would have some new songs to play rather than do another ‘greatest hits tour’ which you all saw last summer. As much as we know our fans would be cool with that, we feel that we owe you guys something new when you spend your money to come see us. Frankly, it’s what needs to continue for us to remain vital.

“The three of us are working very hard to do what we set out to do when were-formed…get a new Blink-182 album recorded. Apologies to all of our fans who have bought tickets and were looking forward to the Summer shows but we’ll be back soon with the rescheduled dates in summer 2012, have a new album out and be able to play new songs for you all. Thanks for all of the continued support and understanding.

“For those of you who hoped to see the us at Oxegen and T In The Park festivals this year, we’re very sorry that we won’t be there as we were looking forward to playing them so much. However, we’ve added Dublin,Belfast and Glasgow arena dates listed below onto next summer’s tour so we can see our Irish and Scottish fans.”

Tickets are still valid for their June dates, including the Irish and Scottish dates, and July 10,11,and 12 at Cardiff, Nottingham and Liverpool respectively.

Anyone who had any doubts over the content of the forthcoming album must surely be fearing the worst now. Though a little while later Hoppus posted this on his Facebook page:

 “I have been reading all of your comments[…]and to those of you who’re frustrated, angry, let down, and incredulous, I feel you. I feel the same way. I’ve had a while to process everything and I’m still bummed. This was not an easy decision for us at all. One of the hardest things we’ve had to do. Ever. It sucks.

“The point is we didn’t want to rush and put out an inferior record. We also didn’t want to become a band who relies on their past success and just plays the same songs every tour, even though we’ll always play the older stuff as well. blink-182 NEEDS to make new music. For you, and for us.

 To those who’ve tried to be supportive and understanding, I thank you. For real. This needs to be the best album we’ve ever recorded, and we’re working hard towards that goal.”

hopefully we won’t have too much longer to wait to find out.


One Response to “Blink-182 postpone European tour dates”

  1. Jo Williams Says:

    Bah humbug…

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