Masked ninja protects the streets of Tunbridge Wells

The streets of Royal Tunbridge Wells have been made a lot safer thanks to a masked vigilante.

A masked ninja has started looking out for local businesses by clearing away undesirables from their doorways, helping old ladies across the street, rescuing cats from trees and advising motorists not to park in parking fine areas.

He has been posting photos and videos of his daring deeds on his Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages.

He says: ‘It is my aim to help people; I am inspired by Neighbourhood Watch, which people seem to have forgotten about. So I’ve created Ninja Watch.

‘There is still lots of trouble in Tunbridge Wells and the community does not seem to be as together as it used to be. The message I want to get across is serious, which is about people keeping watch, sticking together and reporting incidents.’

Kent police issued a statement saying: ‘the force was not aware of the Neighbourhood Ninja and warned residents they should not take the law into their own hands.’


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