Def Leppard to release lullaby album

June 27 will see  ‘Dreamin’ With Def Leppard’ released into the world of soft rock. The album will feature 12 of their most famous songs which will be re-recorded in a softened style for the children’s market.

The full tracklisting will be:

‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’
‘Love Bites’
‘Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad’
‘Bringin’ on the Heartbreak’
‘Too Late For Love’
‘Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)’
‘Rock of Ages’

This will be the first in a new series of albums entitled ‘Rock The Cradle’, by ‘eOne Music’ and ‘Happiness Records’, and will feature albums featuring lullaby renditions of popular songs by legendary bands.

Fingers crossed for the Napalm Death lullaby album!


One Response to “Def Leppard to release lullaby album”

  1. Jo Williams Says:

    The Oxford English Dictionary classes a lullaby to be a: ‘soothing refrain or song to put child to sleep’. Definition 2 is cited as: ‘sing to sleep’. I wouldn’t put any of Def Leppard’s songs in that category and anyone who actually remembers Leppard first-hand will distinctly recall the tiny fact that Joe Elliott doesn’t exactly possess a voice that would be used alongside lullabies, whatever decade you happen to be listening in. And anyway, Leppard should be moving with the times and ‘Griming’ up their songs. Kids want ‘Love Bites’ to draw blood this time, lads…

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