Final Destination 5 trailer online

It’s been nearly three years now so it must be time for another installment of the death-defying teen horror franchise Final Destination.

This time around, according to the trailer, after a suspension bridge collapses a group of survivors starts being picked off one by one by Death who, as we know from the earlier installments, doesn’t like to be cheated.

Tony Todd’s character, Mr Bludworth,  returns to play the creepy mortician from the first two films who seems to know too much about Death’s agenda.

The trailer reveals that “the game has changed” in the latest telling, just to spice it up a bit after four films of Death killing the protagonists one by one. “It’s kill or be killed” states the main character, Sam Lawstone, played by Nicholas D’Agosto star of many a big TV series but some pretty awful films. So this time it’s not just Death the teens are trying to outsmart, it’s each other…tense.

Here’s the trailer, lets hope it’s a further return to form after the success of The Final Destination in 3D in 2009. Here’s the trailer for your consideration. The film is released on August 26.


3 Responses to “Final Destination 5 trailer online”

  1. Jo Williams Says:

    I can only say one thing: the word ‘final’ means just that. Final. Not ‘ooh, hang on a minute, it’s not quite over; let’s yarn this out another four times’, otherwise the films would probably be called something like ‘Not Quite There Yet Destination’ or ‘Are We Nearly There Yet? No. Destination’…

  2. Jo Williams Says:

    I’ll look forward to ‘Final Destination Infinity’, then…

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