Blink-182 anger UK fans again!

After the announcement of the postponing of their summer tour in the UK Blink-182 have kicked the hornet’s nest one more time for good measure by announcing a Summer tour in the US.

Again, the role of mediator has fallen to Mark Hoppus who has been reacting to angry comments on his Facebook page by saying: “I understand your confusion and frustration at hearing the US tour announcement tonight. Here’s what’s up. This tour was booked alongside the UK/European dates a long time ago.”

He continued: “We did not book the US tour after deciding to postpone the UK/European dates. The plan was to finish the album, tour the UK/Europe, and then come back for the US tour. We ran late on when we thought we’d finish the album and, unfortunately, the time we needed made the first leg impossible.”

Hoppus also gave details of the release date for the band’s new album, saying it would be out by the time the tour ends in October. “Some of the best work on the album is being done these past few weeks. Now there’s a hard deadline for the album to be turned in, and it will be released during our US tour.”

He added: “I get and share your anger at the postponement of the first leg of the tour. As we’ve said before, it wasn’t a decision lightly made. But don’t think for a second that we decided to tour the US instead of the UK.

The saga continues…


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