Dark Knight Rises teaser poster revealed

The first teaser poster from the forth-coming Chris Nolan directed Batman film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was released online. As with most things Nolan it gives nothing away apart from the destruction hitting Gotham City with chunks of buildings falling towards the foreground and the tops of the skyscrapers creating the Batman logo in the sky.

This gives away nothing really about the plot of the film, as a good teaser trailer shouldn’t. It certainly throws out a rather doom laden feel though, so get prepared for Gotham’s darkest hour yet some time next year.

The other image released that caught my attention though is this: Tom Hardy as Bane

There’s something about this picture that just makes me want to see him from the front. There’s no Venom injecting pack on his back, but in the Nolan universe some of the comic book elements are removed for a more realistic character. But what intrigues me the most is the mysterious orbs in the background are they the feline eyes of a cat (as Catwoman features in this film), perhaps it is a glimpse of what Bane becomes on Venom or perhaps its just a stylised camera flare? Because, as we all know, nothing is there without a reason. Let the anticipation begin.


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