Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer leaked

It’s pretty poor quality as it’s been recorded on a camera from a screen. This trailer was supposed to be screened before the Harry Potter film at midnight tonight, but some unscrupulous fellow has hacked the encryption and leaked it onto the net for all to see. Stick with it as it seems, at the beginning, to be a mash-up of clips from previous films, your reward for this is new footage of Commissioner Gordon in hospital begging for Batman to return to Gotham interspersed with pictures of Bane and ends with Batman being backed into a corner by the new villain.

I’ll post the proper one when it goes online in HD, but for all those who can’t wait, here it is:

Thanks to MR. HM from www.Holymoly.com for originally posting this.

Unfortunatley it seems Warner Brothers have clamped down on every video of the leaked trailer. As soon as I find another one I’ll post it. (15/07/11) )


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