Blink-182 release new song ‘Up All Night’

‘Up All Night’ is the first song to be put out by Blink-182 since 2003 and gives a glimpse of what the (possibly) soon-to-be-released new album will sound like.

The song starts with a very un-pop punk opening, the only feature which stands out as a Blink-182 element among the messy sounding synths and effects laden guitars is Travis’ drumming. Then the first verse kicks in and it’s Tom singing almost like he did before buggering off and setting up Angels And Airwaves (A&A), thankfully. Then Mark takes over for the typical trade-off that typifies their best material.

The chorus though is left primarily to Tom who reverts to his odd warbled delivery from A&A (e.g. where the word every gets mutated into “a-vray”), before quite a heavy riff leads into the next verse. The song ends on the heavy, distorted riff which seems to be a prominent feature, perhaps pointing to the overall change in sound from their earlier material which some fans still pine for.

It’s not a typical sounding Blink-182 song and it shows more maturity in song writing. It is surprisingly better than feared given the length of time it has taken to be released and the mixed reactions to the most recent live shows. This song is a grower, it’ll be interesting to hear the rest of the album now.


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