Prometheus trailer hits the web

Finally the trailer for Ridley Scott’s new film that isn’t the prequel to ‘Alien‘ but quite blatantly is was posted today and it doesn’t disappoint. There are so many nods towards his original 1979 sci-fi horror film it’s difficult to see how Scott can refuse that it’s clearly related. For a start all the design aspects look like they’re lifted straight from ‘Alien‘, there are eggs akin to those that infect the crew of the Nostromo, the design of the alien corridors is right out of H.R.Gieger’s sketch book, there’s the space jockey that rises out of the floor, the crashing spaceship at the end is clearly the spaceship being explored at the beginning of ‘Alien‘, hell, even the titles appear in the same way!

Still, whether he admits it or not, it’s still going to be the best sci-fi film of next year, hands down.


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