Review: Imelda May, More Mayhem

OK, so the original album entitled, simply, ‘Mayhem‘ was released over a year ago now, but the re-released ‘More Mayhem‘ hit the shelves in August of 2011…which, again, is a long time ago and reviewing old albums is not really something I do but sue me! I had to write a review for it because it’s just that damn good!

This Irish singer-songwriter and her band sound every bit the 1950’s rockabilly band with a sound drenched in reverb and echo with twanging guitar licks, deep booming bass lines and driven by a relentless drummer all held together by May’s uniquely energetic and sultry vocal stylings.

The album thunders along at a tremendous pace with tracks like ‘Psycho‘, ‘Mayhem‘, ‘Inside Out‘ and ‘Johnny Got A Boom Boom‘ with the occasional ballad; ‘Kentish Town Waltz‘ and the tear jerking ‘Too Sad To Cry‘. There is also an upbeat version of ‘Tainted Love‘ towards the end of the album. Being a re-release this version also contains a few extra tracks including the new single ‘Road Runner‘ and two remixes, one of which actually enhances ‘Inside Out‘ by adding a seriously swinging percussion track.

On the first couple of listens it struck me that I hadn’t noticed the amount of tracks that had played, all I knew was that I was having a load of fun! But further listening reveals some seriously well written rockabilly song with a hint of psychobilly chucked in for good measure. And if you really listen closely you’ll hear the unique twist to this band; the bodhrán, a traditional Irish percussion instrument which May plays in the background of a few of the tracks and hints towards the past of a band that started out in the pubs and clubs of Dublin.

Not only do they sound the part though, with the bowling shirts, sharp suits and rockabilly hairstyles the guys look the part and May herself looks like she just stepped out of a classic tattoo artist’s book with her pin-up figure, vampish make up and hair pinned up and curled into a quiff. All this ensures they look the part, every inch of it.

Right at the start of this year I’ve discovered my new favourite band and I think you may be persuaded too by having a listen to the tracks below:


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