Tenacious D to release third album

It has been 6 years since the album and film’Pick Of Destiny‘ were released, to mixed ratings after the all-round success of their self-titled debut in  2001 which seemed to take over the world for a good year or so. But no Tenacious D are back with a new album to rock our socks off with called ‘Rize Of The Fenix‘ and they celebrated the official news, yesterday, by releasing a snippet of the title track on their website.

The song seems to be a statement of intent by the band, lead by frontman, Jack Black’s, vocals. Never one for under playing his acting work or the ‘exploits’ of The D, here he claims that the band isn’t over and that it will rise again like a mighty phoenix from the ashes. Though one look at the artwork and you get the picture as to what the themes of the album will really be about! (Yes I do believe that the ‘fenix’ on the album artwork is actually a giant purple cock and balls with flaming wings.)

Let’s hope that ‘Rize Of The Fenix ‘ will be less concept bound than their last album and more like their brilliant self-titled effort of more than a decade ago.

See them play this Summer in the UK at the Download festival, Donnington or in the US at the Sasquatch Festival, Washington.


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