Frankenweenie trailer

The trailer for the new Tim Burton film, Frankenweenie, was released this week and it looks like one of Burton’s turkeys that come along every now and then.

Frankenweenie started off as a black and white short film in 1984 and was deemed too scary for young audiences by Disney who promptly fired Burton and shelved the project. But after the success of his further films it was released on video in 1994; it now appears in the extras on The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What is disappointing about this full-length version is that it is yet another stop-motion film in the manner of Corpse Bride, which in itself was not great. In fact the animation looks exactly the same, as do the characters; add to that the fact that it is a re-hash of old material and it all starts to smell a bit like both Disney and Burton are running out of ideas and are trying to capitalise on the success of Alice In Wonderland. We shall see…


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