Move over Rebecca Black, ‘Double Take’ is the new successor of the worst record of all time!

A year ago Rebecca Black became a worldwide talking point as the singer of the awful song ‘Friday’. The lyrics at one point lost their way so much that she just listed the order of the days of the week. This year an insipid pair of high school girls calling themselves Double Take are out to take the crown away from Black with their ‘song’ ‘Hot Problems’.

This is just about the cheapest thing I’ve ever had the displeasure to watch or listen to – so I thought I’d share my pain with you all! Nasty lyrics, horrible video and vocal performances that make Miss Black look like Whitney Houston in her prime. It seems to be about how hot girls have problems in life as well as normal people. People calling them names and the effort it takes to look so hot are some the main points in their assault on our senses.

Well, they’d better get used to people calling them names as they deserve all the criticism they get by producing something so utterly vomit-inducing as this attempt at something resembling a song. Oh, and one more thing: they aren’t hot at all,  so perhaps it’s all meant ironically and is actually really clever…or maybe it’s exploitation of fame hungry kids by the music industry. Either way it should be thrown into a deep ocean ravine and forgotten about.



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