Muse go dubstep for their sixth studio album

A countdown appeared on Muse’s website this week and it came with a trailer for the new album The 2nd Law, which, it seems, will be released when the countdown ends. The trailer has a news report style and seems to cover content you might recognise from lyrics from previous songs by the band including sociopolitical issues revolving around power and the supply and demand of it being unsustainable, which I would imagine would be the name of the single featured here.

The song itself seems to start as the bed for the bulletin and is a subtle sting arrangement, similar to those used in 2009’s The Resistance. But as the report starts glitching and breaking up in kicks this insane wall-of-noise dubstep beat with clips of the band playing it.

It really is a massive departure from anything else the band has previously done and a bit of a shock, because they have had a pretty successful formula that has evolved gradually over the years into a unique space-prog-opera sound and now to embrace dubstep quite so dramatically could be a bit of a risk.

But I have faith and am sure Bellamy and the boys know what they’re up to. I look forward to hearing more from them as the months crawl by to the release date. So for now, enjoy this and let the debates begin!


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