Muse unveil their official Olympic 2012 song

Muse had been drafted in to compose the official song for the London 2012 Olympics and it was unveiled to the world this week to rather less than positive reviews.

To be fair, the comments it has been receiving haven’t been completely unfounded – it is a bit rubbish. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the production is astronomical – it seems that half the budget for the closing ceremony has been spent on it – but money doesn’t alway bring the correct results.

The track itself sound like a mash-up between Queen and Rage Against The Machine with a choir, which should sound great. but in reality, it just sound like a mess. As if it has been put together from takes of Muse’s new album by a committee, which may also explain the lyrical content; Muse songs usually have quite abstract or aggressively sociopolitical lyrics, but this song sounds like Matt Bellamy has looked for words that could be attributed to competing in a race, flicked through a rhyming dictionary and recorded it without listening back to it.

I feel sorry for Muse, because putting together a song for something like the Olympics is a thankless task and this was never going to be as polished as anything on their own albums, but people expect more from such a talented an innovative band. If you can’t believe quite how bad this song sounds, have a listen below.


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