Anywhere But Here Update


In a completely self-serving post, I’d like to draw your attention to my podcast again. Find Anywhere But Here on Twitter (@abhpod), iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube and at We’re into our fourth month of podcasting, on episode 14. Please go back and listen to the rest (yes, it is two guys talking for an hour or so at a time), you can subscribe on any of the websites listed above also it’d be great if you rate, comment, share, retweet, fill in the survey on the website and, if you shop at Amazon, please go through the banner at the top of the website. If you do this we get a percentage of whatever you buy, it won’t cost you anything but it means that we can afford new equipment and stuff.

Anyway, the reason I’ve drawn your attention to this week’s podcast is because I review a couple of films and talk about the upcoming Daft Punk album. Also, if you go back to episode 10 we interview a genuine musician from around our way, Ben Copland who has worked with such artists as Aaron Carter, the Fugees and Beverly Knight, also his band Mooli is brilliant. We get a world exclusive of their latest single as well as a T-shirt and some CDs, he’s a great guy!

Please have a listen, subscribe and give us a message or comment some time. We really want to hear from you!



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