The World’s End Teaser Trailer Revealed

The teaser trailer for The World’s End, the final film in Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy, was released today.

This is the long-awaited follow-up to Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead and brings back Simon Pegg and Nick frost as two of five old friends who once attempted a pub crawl through their local town and failed because they couldn’t hold their drink. But now they’re grown up, and have grown apart, Pegg’s character rounds up the infamous five (comprising Eddie Marsan, Paddy Considine and Martin Freeman) to try again now they’re all approaching middle age. But this time things are a little different.

Shaun of the Dead was, arguably, the first zombie romantic comedy, Hot Fuzz was an action film with western/west country elements and The World’s End looks to be a sci-fi based comedy. The twist to this particular small town story is that the population has been taken over by an alien race bent on destroying the world.

With the increased fame of Wright and Pegg since Hot Fuzz means their budget seems to have been ratcheted up but still looks grounded because of being set in a small British town. Of course, some tropes from the previous films and the TV series Spaced, the show that started it all, are there: slacker characters who are fixated on going to the pub and getting wasted, constant pop culture references as well as copious in-jokes.

It would be a shame if they never make another film together, but if this is the end at least thy seem to be going out on an absolute high and I’m sure the kitchen sink will be thrown into this one along with all the other household appliances! Be ready for The World’s End on 19th July.


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