Episode 19 of Anywhere But Here – Green Day, Gay Marriage and the Google Debate



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Discussed on the podcast  are Ant’s trip back up to London to see Green Day – his third gig in three weeks – and the scuffle that happened on the bus back to the car,  favourite films, actors and directors as requested live by a listener (we do listen!), ill children, days out at the Kent Life Museum, zorbing, Spirograph vomit on theme park rides, Pareidolia (the phenomenon of seeing faces in things like clouds and artex) and the first gay marriage in France and the huge debate it caused.

The ABC letter is ‘I’ this week, and both Ant and Tom have decided to talk about the internet, though take very different approaches; Ant talks about the creation of the internet and Tom decides it’s a good idea to bring up the old debate: Is the internet good or bad. To illustrate his point he uses the case of Mark Bridger, the Welsh paedophile, who was imprisoned this week for the remainder of his natural life for killing April Jones. Was that idea good or bad? Listen and make your own mind up.

The intro music to this episode is from http://www.kellyvalleau.com/, if you subscribe to his site you can gain access to all his tabs and instructions on how to play them.

Does this kettle look like Hitler, you decide.


The picture of the ‘face’ on Mars.


Here’s the map of the internet by KoshkaAlisa, whose site is: http://koshkaalisa.deviantart.com/art/Map-Of-the-Internet-March-2012-290848217


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2 Responses to “Episode 19 of Anywhere But Here – Green Day, Gay Marriage and the Google Debate”

  1. About time you started to post on here!

    • Yeah, I figured I should shamelessly plug on my own blog, I’ve done it tentatively once or twice on here, but never a full post. Am hoping to open it up to the bloggers on here. hoping they like it!

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