New Deadpool Video Game Trailer

This game has snuck right under my geek radar somehow, snuck up behind me and gave me a wedgie before slicing me in half with a katana! Just when I thought Marvel were the kings of the movies, only churning out game-of-the-film fare and DC was producing the best superhero games around (the Arkham games, Injustice: Gods Among Us and the Lego Batman games), I stumble across this gem of a trailer.

It seems Deadpool, the character, is who they’re selling in Deadpool, the video game, after trying to make a spinoff film since he appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. The problem is that Deadpool is a schizophrenic character who often breaks the fourth wall, talking directly about the writers of the comic he’s in  and in one series even coming out of the comic to confront the Marvel writers about the stories he’s been given to carry out. Far from the Deadpool in the film.

However, in the world of video games he should work perfectly as this trailer, made by Deadpool himself. It looks like a whole load of gory, sweary fun!

And here is a video of more Deadpool fun as he parodies Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ video. Is it better than the original? If you can bear the song, take a look:


2 Responses to “New Deadpool Video Game Trailer”

  1. Looks interesting, is that Nolan North voicing him? That guy must have done really well out of this console generation…

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