Review: Love Bomb Ticking, Spyder Byte


Spyder Byte are a local band from round my way, Medway (unfortunately!) and in the last couple of years have steadily been building up a strong following in the local rock and metal scene. Though they are all under the age of 20 their sound is one from way before they were born. Their sonic influences appear to be drawn from bands like AC/DC, Metallica, Anthrax and a whole host of other 70s/80s hard rock bands – there’s also a smattering of punk in there too.

the EP they are currently promoting is called Love Bomb Ticking, it contains three tracks; ‘Love Hungry Woman’, ‘Hands All On Gretel’ and ‘Love  Bomb Ticking’. If you can’t tell from the titles of the songs alone, the content of the songs is fairly sexual in nature, like all good sleazy rock bands! Hell, AC/DC are still making music like this 40 years on! ‘Hands All On Gretel’ is a brilliant play on works are truly reflects the tone of Spyder Byte.

The instrumentation is tight with pounding drums, crunching bass and wailing guitar solos with a singer who sounds like he downed a bottle of whiskey while smoking a couple of packs of Marlboro Reds just before recording. If you enjoy your hard rock sleazy you have to give them a listen on their Facebook page: . There’s a lot of life in this band and it will be interesting to see what happens as they continue to grow as songwriters. Catch them live and you’ll see what I’m talking about


2 Responses to “Review: Love Bomb Ticking, Spyder Byte”

  1. A brilliant, and succinct, review which will do the post Year 11s proud. Future guests on Anywhere But Here, perhaps?

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