Review: New Windows, Ryan Dishen


Twitter may well be the bane of some people’s lives, but without it I wouldn’t have been followed by Ryan Dishen, a singer songwriter from Berkeley, California. I also wouldn’t have been aware that he was giving away his most recent album, ‘New Windows’ , for free – or however much you wish to purchase it for – from his website, .

‘New Windows’ is a ten track LP drenched in vocal reverb and acoustic guitars, ukulele, steel guitars and the occasional blues-harp (which we like a lot!) that all fuse together to produce a really laid back sound, even if the subject matter of the lyrics can be a bit melancholy.

There’s a passing similarity to Frank Turner, the mellowest Alkaline Trio songs with a vocal style of you favourite pop punk singer which sound like a strange combination, but Ryan Dishen pulls it off with aplomb. There is a definite sound that permeates ‘New Windows’ and it seems to have something to do with his guitar sound and vocal style, it is evident in the album’s most upbeat and down tempo moments.

As I’m aware I have some American readers, Ryan is embarking on a tour across the South of the USA this Summer, so take a look at where he’s going to be playing and take a trip down to support or give him a place to stay. He just got back from a tour of Europe but wants to come back soon, so look out for his name at a local venue near you in the coming moths/years.

It would be pointless for me to give you an idea of my favourite tracks – I like them all – because they are available for you to download in seconds from the previously mentioned website, and they’re free (unless you wish to donate of course, which I encourage. Especially if you dig the music.)…so, what are you waiting for? Ryan Dishen could well be your next favourite artist of this year!

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