Anywhere But Here, Episode 20 – U.F.O.s, Silly Hos and Juggalos


Ant and Tom get side-tracked this week  by the Hon.Paul Hellyer, the ex Minister of National Defence for Canada, who addressed a room full of other officials and claimed that extraterrestrials have been living among us for years and are working for governments and sharing technology. Which sparks a bit of debate!

They also talk about both Nelson Mandela and Prince Phillip being admitted to hospital, Courtney Love forming a new band and failing to find a bassist on Craigslist – in the same interview she says Amanda Bynes needs help! Then there’s Tulisa Contostavlos’ arrest for drug dealing and actors who were considered for or turned down major roles in films, during which you can hear Ant and Tom doing impersonations of Al Pacino as Han Solo, if you can call them impersonations!

In the ‘J’ section of the ABCs they discuss Juggalos, stand up comedians and a tenuous link to an album. They also show the trailer for Machete Kills which you can see below. Tom end the show with a reveal for a new feature which doesn’t have a definite name as yet, but is out of Non-News, Not News or Have I Got No News For You. Perhaps you can vote for what to call it, message us!

Here’s the video for Mike Dawes’ version of ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.

Enjoy the craziness of the trailer for Machete Kills!

And this is the speech given by Paul Hellyer confirming the existence of aliens!


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