Anywhere But Here, Episode 21 – Crazies, Consoles, Kaleidophone and Kermode


No, your ears don’t deceive you, this week’s episode is 21, not 20 as Tom made a mistake!

Ant and Tom have a packed out show for you this week, we have contributions from listeners Ozzie and Holly for news stories about grass length and a strange classified where you can live rent free, in Brighton, if you dress up as a walrus! Tom tries to get a story out of Tulisa Contostavlos being the British Lindsay Lohan/Amanda Bynes, perhaps this’ll be a regular feature after all! The Queen’s birthday honours list has been published and the lads dissect the names on the list including Baldrick getting a higher honour than Blackadder.

The guys also discuss a documentary they saw about alien abductees earlier in the week and why it is that only the crackpots are chosen for these shows. A large part of the end of the show is dedicated to the E3 games show and the pros and cons of the Playstation 4 versus the X Box One. Then the ABCs take them on to argue the merits of 3D in film and whether it’s really worth it.

This week’s show opener is a cover of ‘Gangnam Style’ by Jayesslee on YouTube

Kaleidophone’s website is here, go and download the free track and buy the album through the banner at the top of this page!


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