Anywhere But Here, Episode 24 – Murray, Minecraft, Morning Joe & Mick Jagger’s Hair


On this week’s show Ant & Tom discuss their changing opinions on Andy Murray and Russell Brand, to illustrate this they narrate over in interview Brand gave on American talk show Morning Joe where he takes over from the woefully band interviewers. Ant tells us about his outing to see Bon Jovi in Hyde Park at the weekend, which leads Tom to rant about the shortened televised set on the BBC of the Rolling Stone’s Glastonbury show.

Ant brings up the cheapening of Apple products, like the new iPhone, now that Steve Jobs’ ideology seems to have been forgotten, even though a biopic is being released later this year. Tom does an elongated shout out to all the people who have joined the Facebook page and begs for people to download and share the podcast with their friends. Ant talks about more YouTube channels that he subscribes to including IJustine, whose song about Google Glass ends the podcast this week, and Yogscast – which leads on to his ABC, Minecraft; the open-ended game about digging for things to make other things to battle zombies and spiders and stuff!

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Here’s the video for Spanish Flea by Adrian Holovaty

This is the Russell Brand interview, which you can watch along while you listen (if you like!).

Here’s the video by IJustine about Google Glass and is a parody of a Stone Sour Song


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