Anywhere But Here, Episode 27 – Animal Attack Special


This week’s podcast is a special all about when animals attack!

Tom’s interest was pricked when he saw an article about a man being killed by a beaver bite. So Ant and Tom go on a mission to find the animals you would imagine were least likely to kill you. So we find out about all manner of animals that have killed people including donkeys!

We also find out about fascinating and disgusting defence mechanisms employed by animals to evade predators, including shooting poisonous poo into the eyes of predators, a sea slug that can turn itself from solid to liquid and back again, another that can turn itself inside out and uses it’s digestive system to attack, and many more.

The basic message of this podcast is stay away from even the most docile family pet and never visit Australia, America or Hungary. You have been warned!

Here’s the video of the terrifying Tiger attack on a man on top of an elephant:

And the video where the cat attacks a babysitter:

Here are links to some of the other stories we talked about on today’s episode:


2 Responses to “Anywhere But Here, Episode 27 – Animal Attack Special”

  1. I think I’ll stay at home in bed forever…

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