Anywhere But Here, Episode 28 – Taking Trolls to Task


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The boys are back after a week off and take it upon themselves to take trolls to task after having their own run-in with one. But this proves to be a blessing in disguise as they are forced to take a look at themselves and their podcast, causing them to focus on providing you, the listener with a better quality podcast. They also make new podcasting alliances with Nerd Church and A History of Misunderstanding, who you should go and find as they are great guys!

Either side of the troll debate they talk about royal babies (Prince George, mainly) and the news coverage that went on at the time. The BBC showing a video with a graffitied picture of Prince William with a penis on his head, a Korean woman who spectacularly fails her driving test, they debate the success of YouTube’s Comedy Week and try to anticipate how their Geek Week will be received. In the ABCs Ant introduces us to a new DC villain by the name of Onomatopoeia and Tom talks about a Cohen Brothers film called O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Hello to new and old listeners alike, hope you enjoy!

The show opener today was the Trololo song but the video has been trolled… see what we did there?!

Here is the video of the Korean woman failing her driving test in epic fashion.

And here is the latest YouTube video, watch us and subscribe here too!


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