Anywhere But Here, Episode 29 – A chat with Kristina Smith from Mooli part 2


Ant and Tom are off again this week so you are being treated to the second part of the interview with Kristina Smith from the band Mooli.

This time conversation turns to the imminent release of ‘Automatic’ on 19th August 2013. Which is the first single from the album ‘Dream Chasing’, which should be out by the end of the year – hopefully. We also get a further insight into the dynamic between Kristina and Ben Copland and the recording process.

We also find out about the fitness regime you have to go through to be a pop star (it’s not all glitz and glamour!), as well as the eating habits of a certain producer!

Once more with feeling, here is ‘Automatic’: (You need to go and download it from iTunes, which is where you can also subscribe to this podcast, nifty, eh?!)

And, as a special treat, here’s Meek, the acoustic song mentioned at the beginning of the interview:

Here is the visual version of the episode if you fancy a watch too, just make sure you subscribe and thumbs-up! Thanks!


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