Anywhere But Here, Episode 31 – Camelot Castle, Scientology & Batfleck


On this week’s podcast Tom takes us on a story of wonderful scenery, King Arthur and Scientology. He and his better half, Jo, went on holiday to Cornwall where they stayed at Camelot Castle Hotel, a lovely place owned by John Mappin, Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton, that has a dark side. The tale takes us through legal proceedings, Hollywood films (Well… Dark Secret), and allegations of Scientology training and indoctrination as well as trying to sell paintings.

In other news, Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in the forthcoming Man of Steel sequel and Ant and Tom try to dispel some of the negative thoughts that have been rampant on the internet by trying to put things in perspective; Affleck isn’t the problem, Man of Steel 2 is the problem!

Also, the show starts with a new bit from our friends at Nerd Church Podcast, go find them on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to them on iTunes! ABC’s this week include Tom and Ant talking about Queen and the various members of the band and Ant tells of a game called Quantum Conundrum, a first person puzzler.

Apologies for the ending of the episode we were rushing through as Ant’s laptop was running out of space and then ran out of space! So we had to re-record the last few minutes, enjoy!

Here is the Why We Protest page Tom found most of the, alleged, dirt on Camelot Castle Hotel and it’s owners:

Here is the hotel’s website where you can see pictures of the hotel and owners, you can also find John Mappin’s musical offerings:

Here are some lovely pictures taken by Jo, so you can see what we’re talking about:Tintagel, August 9th - 11th 2013 (2)

Tintagel, August 9th - 11th 2013 (26)Tintagel, August 9th - 11th 2013 (28)

And here’s the video of this week’s podcast for your viewing delight!


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