Anywhere But Here, Episode 33: Phobias


This week’s show focusses on phobias, we learn about some of our listener’s irrational fears including spiders, rats, cigarettes and even shortbread (Anywhere But Here invents the word for this phobia, just so the scientific community are aware; koulourákiphobia)! Ant quizzes Tom on strange celebrity phobias and Tom re-lives a harrowing event in his life involving his fear of small spaces and going pot-holing when he was in the Cubs.

Tom talks about one of his favourite metal bands, System of a Down in the ABCs this week, while Ant talks about Shaytards, a family who post their lives on YouTube.

They also discuss another podcast called The Nerd Church, who picked a bit of a comedic fight about the use of English against American. Tom’s girlfriend validates Nerd Churches stance with an explanation of how English isn’t a real language at all and how American is… when it’s written.

Watch the episode here, on YouTube:

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