Anywhere But Here, Episode 34 – iPhone, iPhuck & iFlip Out When I Can’t Get My Chicken McNuggets


Ant and Tom decide to catch up on a few of the news stories they’ve missed out on in the last couple of weeks. Because of the banked episodes and themed episodes that have been recorded in the last couple of months there have been stories sent in by listeners that have been put on the back burner.

So, we discuss the reaction to the iPhone 5S and 5C, what the difference actually is and whether it’s worth buying it or another brand of phone altogether. Then, there are British people having sex with Land Rovers, kebab shop counters and goats, a sky scraper melts a car in London, a woman gets slung out of McDonalds in Oxfordshire for injecting herself… with insulin for her diabetes, while, in America, a woman attacks a drive-thru worker for not being able to sell her Chicken McNuggets.

The state of Iowa has allowed legally blind people the right to own firearms in which Ant and Tom debate whether people with visual impairments should own guns at all. There is terrifying 3 metre long Bobbit Worm that can cut a fish on half and could be living in an aquarium near you. NASA also respond to a 7 year old’s letter asking if he can be an astronaut one day, which is really heart warming and a great way to end the show.

In the ABCs this week Tom talks about his love of Transformers and the travesty which are Michael Bay’s films and And thanks the listeners/viewers who have been contributing recently. Thank you.

The links to all the stories covered are below:

And here’s the video of the woman attacking a drive-thru employee and the drive-thru itself because they can’t sell her chicken nuggets as it’s breakfast time!

Here’s the video of the latest episode, in case you want to see us while we talk to each other, and you:


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