Anywhere But Here, Episode 36 – 3 Mountain Peaks, 2 Political Gaffes and a Scientist Against Homosexuality


This week’s show is largely to do with politics with Ant and Tom discussing Ed Milliband’s speech at the Labour Party conference where he pledged to freeze energy prices until 2017 if his party is voted in at the next general election.

On the lighter, but ultimately darker, side of politics a UKIP Member of European Parliament has stepped down after calling some women on a talk show ‘sluts’ – apparently he meant it in the original sense of the word. Also, African scientists have proven that gay marriage and homosexuality is wrong. A view supported by the president of Gambia while he addressed the United Nations this week declaring the homosexuality is worse than all the natural disasters put together! A view not supported by this podcast.

Soon, Tom will be going on the 3 Peaks Challenge, where he will be climbing the 3 tallest mountains in the UK in 24 hours. A Just Giving page will be advertised on all the social networks soon.

In the ABCs Ant talks about a cartoon from his childhood called Visionaries and Tom talks about a vagrant from High Wycombe who used to sing for the students… as well as his supper.

Here is Carrot the tramp’s song that became something of an internet sensation!


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