Anywhere But Here, Episode 37 – Part 2 of the Nerd Church Crossover


#whendeloreanandtardisunite #whendeloreanandtardisunite

This week the DeLorean and TARDIS unite to bring you a cross over show between Anywhere But Here and Nerd Church. This is the second half of that show, so to hear what happened in the first half go to or find them on iTunes etc and subscribe to their show.

On this week’s podcast we answer the burning question of which would win in a drag race between the DeLorean from Back to the Future and the TARDIS from Dr Who. The results of which will shock and amuse in equal parts. We also get a definitive explanation of gun ownership, straight from the mouths of those with guns and whose right it is to bear arms, which should lay the issue to rest on this show once and for all. Ant and Tom also raise the case of the grandfather who mistook another girl for his grandaughter, at her primary school, and managed to take her from the school to the doctors who prescribed her liquid paracetamol and back again without questions being asked until the girl got home and showed the medicine to her parents!

The Nerd Church Clergy take part in the ABCs this week and show off their nerd credentials covering such topics as Warriors, Warp Speed, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, Watchmen and a Wizard Based drinking game. Ant talks about a zombie based radio-play style podcast called We’re Alive. There is also much language based fun and mickey-taking!

Tom also plugs his charity challenge of climbing the 3 highest peaks in the UK in 24 hours. You can give via this link:

We all hope you have as much fun listening to this podcast and the one over at Nerd Church as we all had recording them.


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