Anywhere But Here, Episode 38 – Tales of Embarrassment


On this special show (Tom’s on his way home from climbing mountains all weekend!) Ant and Tom discuss embarrassing moments from their lives, most of which seem to revolve around primary, or pre-school, toilet issues – Ant wet himself, in primary school, while a boy refused to come out until the teacher had wiped his arse. In a completely separate incident, at nursery school, Tom exposes himself to the class while asking for the teacher to wipe his bum for him!

There are also tales of vomiting, crashing off bicycles, tripping over things slipping on foodstuffs such as gherkins and chips, fainting while having a coil inserted, singing to yourself only to find you’re on public display and many more from listeners, including Jo Williams, who pops in to recount stories of embarrassment from work and is reminded of a few others while doing so. Here’s a link to her blog which also features some semi-autobiographical embarrassment in literary form. Encourage her to continue writing if you enjoy it:

The whole episode is rounded off with a revelation from Ant which is too good to spoil on here, so you’re gonna have to listen to it to find out. This is a cringe-heavy episode so strap yourself in for laughs and, if you have any stories you think should be shared, please message us at or to our Facebook in boxes. Enjoy!


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