Anywhere But Here, Episode 39 – Arnie Quotes, Macca Sings, Tom Climbs & Michael Bay gets Punched


This week Tom tells the epic tale of his Three Peaks Challenge experience. He, along with a few others climbed the 3 highest mountains in the UK in under 24 hours for charity… or did they?! Find out by listening!

Also in the news this week, a young girl is found in Greece sparking off the Madeline McCann debate. Energy prices in the UK are being hiked by nearly 10% and Ant deduces that Ed Milliband’s speech about freezing energy prices was to blame. Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes his own films to his fans, a man is afraid to flush his own toilet after it explodes causing him to have 30 stitches, Paul McCartney plays a secret gig at Covent Garden market and doesn’t play ‘Hey Jude’ and Michael Bay gets blackmailed and assaulted in Honk Kong on the set of Transformers 4. Phew, what a week!

Don’t forget to visit to donate to the Kent Air Ambulance. Tom and his friends went through hell last weekend! Listen to find out just what went on.


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