Anywhere But Here, Episode 40 – Hurricanes, Hauntings & Heroes


A storm is coming! Ant and Tom warn the UK of the impending hurricane and urge their UK listeners not to block the 999 emergency number with non-emergency calls but to call 101 instead. They also complain about the standards of driving people adopt when the weather gets worse, listeners for the early episode may have heard this rant before!

Also, Ant gives a brief update of the differences between his new Android phone compared to the iPhone and reveals the details of his wedding venue.

As Halloween falls on Thursday this year the guys decide to tell creepy stories. Ant tells a story of his Brother seeing a ghost and the exorcism of his child’s bedroom. Tom tells a first hand story of strange goings on in the pub he used to work at and Ant freaks Tom out with the audio from a German exorcism. Amongst all this they discuss scary films including The Exorcist, Sinister, The Woman in Black & Insidious & The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose.

In the third-to-last ABC ever Tom talks about his new found love for the X-Men comics, his old school love of the X-Men animated series and his on-off love for the films. Ant talks about the X-Files and how it could be both wilding entertaining and scary at the same time.


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