Anywhere But Here, Episode 41 – Foggots


This week’s episode features a call to arms for you all to listen to some independent podcasts like ours, as they are largely more interesting than the professionally produced ones out there. Ant and Tom also ask for people to visit their website and use the Amazon banner in the top right corner to buy your Christmas presents from.

They then get into a lengthy debate about faggots and why a man was banned from Facebook for liking them… another English thing that has lost it’s translation on the other side of the Atlantic. They try to set up a group on Facebook ‘Faggots are food not people’ but Facebook wouldn’t even allow that, the boys will endeavor!

We hear about Tom’s fancy dress experiences at work and the fireworks he went to see on the Saturday before the show. Ant tells of an 80 year old Russian man who went toe-to-toe with a bear and survived – both the bear attack and the fall from a cliff the bear pushed him from!

Ant and Tome urge their listeners to fund a web series of Aardman animations’ ‘Morph’ programme that first appeared on kids TV during their childhood on a programme called ‘Hart to Hart’. Please visit the Kickstarter link below and give if you enjoyed the show.

Here is the story from the telegraph about the Russian man fighting the bear:

and here is the JustGiving page where you can fund the new Morph we series:


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