Anywhere But Here, Episode 42 – C U Next Tuesday


As it’s Remembrance Sunday Ant and Tom decide that, instead of a minute’s silence, they would play a poem by an American war poet called John McRae called ‘In Flanders Fields’. Ant then counterpoints this by highlighting a story of some soldiers who haven’t lived up to the reputation set down by their predecessors.

Things take a geekier turn for the majority of the podcast as Ant and Tom discuss Thor: The Dark World and varying opinions from themselves and some listeners. This also spirals out into how Marvel is branching out into TV with its upcoming deal with Netflix to air four separate shows based around Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones & Iron Fist which will all converge to an Avengers style TV show called The Defenders.

Ant then talks about all the cunts he’s had to endure this week including people parking in parent and child parking spaces and oversees scammers being abusive and harassing… oh, just to warn you; this episode contains a lot of instances of the word cunt, so if you’re offended by this word this episode probably isn’t for you. So don’t listen and be all cunty about it!

The boys finish off with the final ABC ever (perhaps); Ant talks about Zelda and Tom talks about zombies. Enjoy!

Here’s the poem by John McRae – In Fladers Fields:

And here is the wonderful HD quality version of us talking, enjoy!


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