Anywhere But Here, Episode 46 – Mandela, Music & Men In Boats


 This week’s episode features a long and tortured intro before getting into the meat of the show however, things do pick up. Topics covered In the news this week are the death of Nelson Mandela which was announced during the screening of the biopic of his life in London by Idris Elba, the man playing Mandela. A man is found alive in an air pocket in a boat that sunk in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean after being stuck there for three days!

Ant and Tom then go on to talk about music, what the first single they bought was some of the bands that introduced them to certain types of music, such as Blink-182, Slipknot and Linkin Park. Ant finally gets to play his clip from the new Eminem album and they talk about a cross-country journey to see a band play live. The Canadian band, Heart, cover Stairway to Heaven and get a standing ovation from the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, making Robert Plant cry. It’s a pretty good cover!

Unsure of how to end the podcast the boys talk about all the things they’re up to and what’s to come in future episodes. There is a plan, it just doesn’t sound like it!

Here’s the video of Heart playing Stairway to Heaven:

And here is the video of the episode, you lucky people!


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