Anywhere But Here, Episode 50 – New Year, New You, Same Us


It’s the fist podcast of 2014 and Ant and Tom talk about what they got up to over Christmas and New Year. This includes Tom’s front door breaking on Christmas Eve right when he was letting in his family, And Ant’s family getting ill.

They talk about the films they saw over the break including a rant from Tom about The Hobbit, both Ant and Tom saw Disney’s Frozen as well and were a bit underwhelmed.

New Year’s Eve is discussed insomuch as they both stayed in and watched Jools Holland’s Hootenanny and the fireworks on the BBC. The acts on the Hootenanny are discussed in-depth including the ‘bass-face’ of Haim’s bassist, look it up, you’ll thank us!

The episode is left on a positive note with both Ant and Tom revealing how they plan to both be more positive and confident in their work lives which will impact their private lives… helped by playing Lego Batman!

And here, as ever is the video version of the podcast that you can ‘thumbs up’. If you like?


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