Anywhere But Here, Episode 51 – Copying, Canada & Commemorative Coins


This week lots of news from the last month is covered; Ant brings stories about Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, who is running for re-election despite the allegations against him of smoking crack cocaine and having an affair. He also tells of a man in America who was killed by receiving an ‘atomic wedgie’, which sparks an anecdote from one of Tom’s past festival experiences and one about Ant’s Brother.

The boys debate the controversy around putting Lord Kitchener on a new two pound coin commemorating the First World War rather than Nurse Edith Cavill, who saved the lives of the injured on both sides, or a poppy.

Tom brings in the story of Dennis Rodman losing his shit while being interviewed in North Korea. See if you can understand what his point is?! The podcast is opened by news that ex-Formula One star, Michael Schumacher is in a medically induced coma after a skiing accident and the odd news about Shia LaBeouf plagiarising a book for a short film he made and then apologising with plagiarised quotes from old articles from the internet!

The new feature that is ‘Tom Reads Morrissey’s Autobiography’ is revealed and Morrissey introduces himself and Manchester. He is also traumatised by being pushed into a swimming pool.

Ant and Tom leave with a shout out to new and old listeners and talk about the benefits of the podcasting community at large. Enjoy!

Here is the video of the Dennis Rodman interview. Can you tell us what his point is?!

And, here is the video version of the podcast for your visual entertainment!


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