Anywhere But Here, Episode 53 – Super Special Google Hangout


This week, Ant and Tom link up with a few podcasters they have made friends with in the last year and shoot the shit. Topics are drawn at random from numbered envelopes and discussed at length by people from all over the world… well, the UK and the US!

Joining Ant and Tom are Jo, everyone’s favourite member of Anywhere But Here, Steven from A History of Misunderstanding, Ira, Michael, Stan, Sean and Myles from The Nerd Church Podcast, Jake from Talking Heads Podcasts and RIJCast and Steve, Keith and Kara from Drunk Geek Blog Podcast.

Topics discussed range from which non-musical films would work well as a musical, which celebrity is on your ‘free-pass’ list, what the last text on their phones are and tales from ‘the friend zone’!

The quality of the audio is a little up and down due to the amount of people recording at once and Steven’s audio doesn’t work for the entire episode until the very end so he interprets through the medium of sign language and the impersonation of Sean from the Nerd Church.

There are special audio messages from Smokey from A History of Misunderstanding and Scott and Charlie from Stinking Pause.

It’s a long one this week, but hopefully, more people make for a more entertaining show, enjoy!

Here’s the live feed from the Google Hangout. See all y0ur favourite indie podcasters in the flesh in varying quality!


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