Anywhere But Here, Episode 54 – Piggety Poof


This first episode after the last two celebration shows struggles to get back to a semblance of a structure, so Ant and Tom take it back to their go to subjects: music and films.

Topics covered include Led Zeppelin stealing song structures from other artists and their own experiences with plagiarism in their own band, High Frequency. Tom finally gets round to watching the music documentary, Sound City, so the pair discuss that a year on from when it was originally brought up by Ant.

Tom brings up the fact that Back to the Future is being made into a musical, the news of which is met with trepidation, much the same as the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel. DC vs. Marvel is discussed and the guys come to the realisation that it’s futile to compare the two, however it is interesting that Man of Steel took roughly the same as Superman Returns back in 2006. Ant finally got round to seeing The Muppets and isn’t as enthralled by it as Tom which leads to a stunned silence.

Finally they talk about rap battles on the net, the fact that Barack Obama is going to have to address the Justin Bieber problem because an online petition got nearly three times the amount of signatures it needed to be raised as a subject for debate by government.

The big revelation of the show is that Busta Rhymes has started making up words in his latest song, ‘Thank You’. But, they let him get away with it because he is a legend. Piggety Poof!

Here’s the video for ‘Thank You’ so you can witness the genius of Bus-a-Bus at work.

And here, as ever, is the visual version of the podcast for the pleasure of your eyes!

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