Anywhere But Here, Episode 55 – Listeners’ News Hour… and Twenny


This week’s podcast is another news heavy episode as Ant and Tom clear up a lot of news stories people have sent in over the last month. These include a Mexican man surviving in a raft for a year and a half while drifting all the way to the Marshall Islands in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean living off turtles, fish and birds that he had to catch with his bare hands!

Less inspiring news from Denmark where a zoo has put down a two-year old giraffe for fears over in-breeding and bad genes after many other zoos claim they could look after it. A German construction worker was killed and two badly injured when a digger struck an unexploded World War Two bomb. The untimely death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman is also discussed as well as why his career hasn’t been celebrated widely by the press.

The guys also talk about the flooding and storms that have ravaged the UK in the last few weeks, including places very close to where they live, but also the huge amounts of destruction being inflicted on the South West of the country.

Ant talks about scientists reconstructing the way a dinosaur would walk by sticking a fake tail onto chickens bottoms! Tom talks about a Saudi man sentences to 3 months in jail, 80 lashes and a fine for libelling a pop star with no proof.

Lots and lots to take in this week, but we’re up to date now so back to a proper structure from now on, yay!!!

A couple of times during the recording the equipment stopped recording for no apparent reason. These problems have been fixed to the best of our ability, please don’t hold it against us!

As ever, if you want to see our ugly mugs, just watch the episode down below. Please remember to subscribe on iTunes or whichever podcast provider you use, rate and review too!


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