Anywhere But Here, Episode 57 – Tallywags, Trinkets & Twiddle-Diddles


This week, Tom and Ant look back at two of the biggest awards ceremonies in British media; The BAFTAs and The Brits.
The Winners of The BAFTAs are discussed in fleeting detail, as neither of them have seen any of the films shortlisted for Best Film!

The Brits is discussed insomuch as two acceptance speeches are dissected; firstly the speech Kate Moss gave on behalf of David Bowie as she received his award for Best British Male. Was she high? Was she drunk? Let us know what you think.

Alex Turner was the next under the microscope and his bizarre, arrogant speech after winning Best Band and Album of the Year for the third time. Does he deserve to be so arrogant? Again, let us know what you thought.

Tom then talks about the unfortunate luck of British short track speed-skater, Elise Christie, who got disqualified from the three events she took part in, effectively halving the amount of medals Team GB could have won.

Ant brings in a quiz on 1920s slang where Tom has to guess what the antiquated phrases mean, see how well you do.

As it was Tom’s Birthday this week, Tom tells of his day out in London and Ant gives him a present.

See below the full list of slang and pictures of Russian villages that reflect life the organisers of Sochi won’t show you.

WW1 Slang

Victorian Slang

Photographs of Russia

And here, as ever, is the filmed version of the podcast:


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