Anywhere But Here, Episode 59 – Food & Porn


As promised, Corky joins Ant and Tom this week to discuss the results of the Oscars. But the conversation takes a turn into bad experiences in restaurants and porn.

It turns out all three of the guys have had bad experiences in eateries all around the world, so they decide to regale you all with the stories of their culinary woes.

The eternal question is broached, by Corky, at the end of the episode;  ‘Is shemale on female porn acceptable to watch as a heterosexual male?’ Answers on a postcard please! Also discussed are tales from house parties where a secret (or not so secret) stash of porn has been discovered and played.

Glossed over this week, is the fact that a woman was found in bed in a house Justin Beiber has been renting and the fact that a Malaysian airliner has gone missing between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. Hopefully the good times negate the lack of time spent on such a serious topic. Fun was had all round this week, enjoy!

Here is the visual version of the podcast plus Corky! Yay!


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